We are a Personal Defense Association that aims to prepare the common citizen in order to develop the perception and ability to analyze in a situation in which the barrier of physical and moral integrity becomes surmountable. We give greater emphasis to mental work as it is responsible for the entire operational part of the body, thus coordinating all factors and conditioning factors (cause – effect, action – reaction).


The escalation of violence as well as the number of deaths has been increasing due to the most diverse factors. Taking preventive measures and knowing how to channel fear and initial panic in a confrontational situation, adopting defensive measures will be decisive factors to minimize or avoid great evils, contact us, we will come to you…

As part of the week that marks the “International Day of Non-Violence Against Women”, the Algarve Personal Defense Association, in partnership with Futebol Clube leões do Sul, held a Personal Defense Workshop at the Castro Marim Municipal Pavilion to women.

The event was attended by around 60 women, with the aim of acquiring some techniques and tactics for their defense in different contexts. To all the women who were present and showed their interest in this new learning experience, thank you very much. We also thank all those who supported this initiative, namely the Municipality of Castro Marim, APAV, Lavandaria Caldeira and the Avenida de Vila Nova de Cacela cafe.


These days, the 1st approach of the agent could become a deterrent or a catalyst for violence. Regardless of the situation, knowledge of well-designed tactics and strategies will be crucial to guarantee the physical integrity of the agent, contact us and we will come to you…

G.N.R. – “Projecto com a Elitedp”

The Intervention Detachment of the Faro Territorial Command of the GNR carried out a project with the Elite – Algarve Personal Defense Association, in which different Personal Defense techniques were addressed. This project was developed over 4 weeks, in which different materials were tested in order to provide the military with a greater range of work tools, whose primary objective is to be able to perform a better service for the benefit of the citizen, always guaranteeing maximum security. of the same and the military of the National Republican Guard.


At the invitation of Commander João Dimas from the G.N.R. de Loulé, the EliteDP. held a Self Defense class, aimed at the Analysis and Security of the Patrolman in the approach to the individual.


In addition to being subject to being confronted at any time as an ordinary citizen or if you are exposed to risk situations in your company, knowing how to act will be enriching and will largely release the existing pressure and stress to which you will be subjected, contact and we come to you…

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